The Past & Present Career History of California Horse Trainer, Arlyn DeCicco.

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“Champions are created through blood, sweat and tears- not in a few months, but over the years!”

The goal of Arlyn’s present day program is to educate riders and equip them with ‘tools’ for their horse training toolbox. With an arsenal of tools at his or her disposal, the rider is better prepared to start and maintain the training process and proceed through the system efficiently. Efficiency produces the best results within reasonable time. Arlyn’s systematic approach is clear and comprehensive. Her system is appropriate for all breeds and all disciplines because all horses can be trained to go better (more flexible, more balanced, more responsive, stronger) with less physical strain. Efficient use of oxygen combined with efficient locomotion and efficient use of energy creates horses prone to soundness and longevity through their careers. Please read on (below) to learn about how Aryln started her equestrian career and the foundation of Arlyn’s Program Stretch, Supple, Strengthen.


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Arlyn’s junior career showing in the equitation & working hunter divisions.

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Arlyn’s junior career showing in the equitation & working hunter divisions.

Arlyn began to fulfill her dream to ride at the age of nine. Through her junior and amateur owner years she was fortunate to ride with and learn the basics from Brian Flynn while successfully showing in the hunter and equitation divisions on the east coast. In 1976 and 1977 Arlyn was eventing through the preliminary level. In 1979 Arlyn and her husband started a small training operation they named Woodlock Farm, in Holliston, Massachusetts. In 1986, Arlyn relocated and expanded Woodlock Farm to a newly constructed, world class equestrian estate complete with 30 stalls, a large indoor arena and full outdoor facilities. Under the management (and training services) of Arlyn DeCicco, Woodlock Farm was honored for six consecutive years as a “Horse Farm of Distinction” by the Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation, an achievement equaled by few.

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Arlyn’s riders pose proudly after a show.

Arlyn DeCicco Horse Training Facilities

Woodlock Farm in Massachusetts.

During her professional career Arlyn continued her education with an emphasis on flat work and a focus on excellence. Arlyn worked with dressage Olympic medalist Dottie Morkis, Kathy Connelly, Renate Lansburgh, Belinda Nairn-Wertman and Ernst Bachinger of the Spanish Riding School. In 1995, Arlyn rode her horse, Sedona to third place in the 4th level division in the New England Dressage Association high score award show. In 1996 Arlyn relocated to Florida to compete at Prix St. Georges level.


Arlyn training Ms. Koenig’s Lusitano stallion, Zinco.

Arlyn DeCicco Massachusetts

Freeflight; a horse trained by Arlyn, makes it to Madison Square Garden with his owner Linda Perry.


Remarkable; the unbeatable Standardbred jumper trained by Arlyn for Jackie Meaney.

In 1997, Arlyn sustained a life changing head trauma leaving the left side of her body compromised. As she struggled to regain her riding skills, she realized that she could no longer make a horse do what she wanted. This began her journey, which resulted in the founding, development and fulfillment of her program of Stretch, Supple and Strengthen. Arlyn is currently residing in the San Diego, California area where she provides year round teaching, training, coaching and riding services. Arlyn’s program is considered by novice and professional riders alike to be a fundamental part to attaining success with their equine partners. Arlyn’s comprehensive approach is of exceptional benefit to horse and rider whether you are a ‘weekend warrior’ or competing at top level. Please visit the testimonials page to read what owners and riders are saying about Arlyn.

Arlyn is smiling because she is about to teach this rescued OTTB her program.

Arlyn is smiling because she is about to teach this rescued OTTB her program.

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If Horses Could Speak

A meaningful logo true to the principals upon which Arlyn's program is based.

A meaningful logo true to the principals upon which Arlyn’s program is based.

About the logo:
The host shape represents the shape of the concentric circle.
Soft lines represent Arlyn’s approach to training.
‘Dancing’ ears represent the horse’s harmony with his rider.
A braided mane represents attention to detail.
The lifted tail represents a comfortable and willing horse.
The lifted back represents a horse who has properly developed and well
maintained musculature.
The poll being the highest part of the horse (in this instance) represents
a horse at the pinnacle of the training program.
The horses nose, slightly in front of the vertical as opposed to behind the vertical.
1st place blue ribbon blue font aligns with established ranking system for our awarding order.